Tuesday, 21 June 2011

American Women and World War 1

World War One

Several hundred women lost their lives in WWI.

Army Nurse Edith Ayers, Attica, Ohio. Killed May 20 1917 in an accident aboard the USS Mongolia, en route to France.

Army Nurse Helen Burnet Wood, Evanston, Ill. Also killed aboard the USS Mongolia.
YMCA Volunteer Marion G. Crandall, Alameda, California, killed by enemy shell in March 1918 at Ste. Menehould, France.

YMCA Volunteer Winona Martin, Rockville Center, N.Y. killed in a Paris air raid in March 1918.

American Red Cross Worker Ruth Landon, NYC, New York, killed by a shell fired on St Gervais Church, Paris, France, March 1918.

One hundred and eleven Army Nurses died overseas and one hundred and eighty six died stateside, all while serving their country in WWI.
Twenty two or more U.S. Navy Yeoman (F) died during the World War.
Twenty seven Navy Nurse Corps women died while serving.
Dieticians, telephone operators, YMCA volunteers, Red Cross and Salvation Army women, and women in military intelligence also lost their lives.

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