Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Canadian Nurses contribution to the war effort

Hospital Ship Llandovery Castle, 27 June 1918

How the Nurses Died
"Unflinchingly and calmly, as steady and collected as if on parade, without a complaint or a single sign of emotion, our fourteen devoted nursing sisters faced the terrible ordeal of certain death--only a matter of minutes--as our lifeboat neared that mad whirlpool of waters where all human power was helpless."
---Extract from Sergeant A. Knight's story of the destruction of the Llandovery Castle.

Official verification of the facts surrounding the sinking of H.M.H.S. Llandovery Castle confirm two main points--the supreme devotion and valiant sacrifice of the medical personnel and the ship's company, whose courage and resignation were in keeping with the proudest traditions of the British Army and Merchant Marine Service; and the utter blackness and dastardly character of the enemy outrage on this defenceless institution of mercy--a crime surpassing in savagery and already formidable array of murders of non-combatants by the Germans.

Nursing Sisters Lost

Christina Campbell
Carola Josephine Douglas
Alexina Dussault
Minnie Follette
Margaret Jane Fortescue
Margaret Marjory Fraser

Minnie Katherine Gallaher
Jessie Mabel McDiarmid
Mary Agnes McKenzie
Rene McLean
Mary Belle Sampson
Gladys Irene Sare
Anna Irene Stamers
Jean Templeman

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