Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Hospital Ship “Centaur”

Hospital Ship “Centaur”
14 May1943

At approximately 4.10am on Friday 14 May 1943 the hospital ship A.H.S.Centaur, ablaze with lights and clearly marked with red crosses, was torpedoed by Japanese submarine I-177 south east of CapeMoreton.
Of the 322 persons on board, only 64survived.

Serving aboard were 12 nurses.

ADAMS, Margaret Lamont, Capt
HAULTAIN, Helen Francis Jane Cynthia, Sr
JEWELL, Sarah Anne, Matron
KING, Evelyn Veronica, Sr
MOSTON, Myrle, Capt
McDONALD, Gladys Myrtle, Sr
McFARLANE, Mary Hamilton, Sr
RUTHERFORD, Eileen Mary, Capt
*SHEAH, Verdun Bernice, Sr
WALKER, Wendy Jenny, Sr
WYLLIE, Doris Joyce, Sr

All were lost with the exception of:Sister Nell Savage.
Sister Savage was badly injured, the book continues, when she was sucked down with the sinking ship. She suffered fractured ribs, nose and palate,perforated ear drums and bruises. She hid these injuries from fellow survivors while she attended to the wounded and dying. She was later awarded the George Medal.

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