Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Matron Paschke and the SS Vyner Brooke

Matron Paschke was in charge of 2/10 Australian General Hospital (AGH) nurses and was evacuated from Singapore on the SS Vyner Brooke, which was sunk by the Japanese in the Bangka Strait.
She was on a raft, with several other Sisters and two small children, which was carried out to sea and disappeared on 14th Febuary 1942.
Matron Paschke was awarded the Royal Red Cross in 1942 and was posthumously awarded the Florence Nightingale medal.

Nurses lost on the SS Vyner Brooke 14th February, 1942

BATES, Lowima Mary Isabella, Sr
CALNAN, Ellenor, Sr
CLARKE, Mary Dorothea, Sr
DORSCH, Hilda Millicent Maria, Sr
ENNIS, Caroline Mary, Sr
KINSELLA, Kathleen, Sr
PASCHKE, Olive Dorothy, Matron
RUSSELL, Lavinia Joan, Sr
SCHUMAN, Marjorie, Sr
TRENERRY, Annie Merle, Sr
WILTON, Mona Margaret, Sr

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