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Australian Nurses make their contribution

The Nurses Memorial is situated near the spot where survivors of the sinking of S.S.Vyner Brooke came ashore and where 21 Australian Army nurses were massacred on 16th February 1942. The Memorial incorporates stone from the: 'Women's Camp' which the Australian Army nurses occupied for a time as prisoners of war. A bronze plaque records the names of all 65 nurses who were aboard the S.S Vyner Brooke. Of those 65 only 24 survived and returned to Australia after being in prisoner of war camps for nearly 4 years, the most famous of which was Sister Vivian Bullwinkel.

Roll of Honour - Australian Nurses

1914 – 1918

Bates, Lowina Mary Isabella
Bicknell, Louisa Annie
Brennan, K.A
Clare Emily
Dickinson, Ruby
Grewar, Gertrude Agnes,
Hennessy.May Know, Hilda Mary
McPhail, Irene
Moorhouse, Edith Ann
MORETON, Lettetia Gladwys
MOWBRAY, Norma Violet
MUNRO, Gertrude Evelyn
O'GRADY, Amy, Veda
O'KANE, Rosa
POWER, Kathleen
RIDGWAY, Doris Alice,
ROTHERY, Elizabeth,
STAFFORD, Mary Florence,
THOMPSON, Ada Mildred
TYSON, Fanny Isobel Catherine
WALKER Jean Miles Royal Red Cross 1 Class
WATSON, Beatrice Middleton
WILLIAMS, Blodwyn Elizabeth,

1939 – 1945

Abbott, M.
ADAMS, Margaret Lamont,
Archer, Laird
Archer, Meg
ATKINSON, Marguerite Anderson, Margaret Awarded the George Medal
Barnard, Margaret G
Barnett, F
BATES, Louvinia Mary Isabella,
BEARD, Alma May
Beckett, W.F.
Begent, B.
Bowman, Jean
Brewer, Harley
BRIDGE, Ada Joyce
Burbury, Nell
Butler, Dorothy D.
Campbell, Berry
Campbell-Smith, Kathleen,
Chesterman, B
Clark, J.D.
Cleaver, Hilda M. CUTHBERTSON, Mary Elizabeth
DORSCH, Millicent Hilda Marie
ELMES, Dorothy Gwendoline Howard
ENNIS, Caroline Mary
FAIRWEATHER, Lorna Florence
FARMANER, Peggy Everett
FINCH, Nancy Mary
HALLIGAN, Clarice Isobel
KEATS, Ellen Louisa
KERR, Janet
McDONALD, Gladys Myrtle
McGLADE, Mary Eleanor
NEUSS, Kathleen Margaret
PASCHKE, Olive Dorothy (RRC)
RUSSELL, Lavinia Jean
SCHUMAN, Marjorie
TAIT, Mona, Margaret,
TRENERRY, Annie Merle
WILTON, Mona Margaret

Royal Australian Air Force Nursing Service

Connell, Joan
Craig, Mary Eileen
Long, Sheila Mary,
Robertson, Gwendoline Hope,
Sheah, Verdun Bernice

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